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Found in un-restored but working order, this antique stove is unique in shape and style.
Made from cast iron with highly ornate decoration and fitted with dampers, drafters , movable grate,riddle and ash pan. The ash pan tray is missing.
All moving parts are in working order, bar one. The draft lever inside the lid needs to be ground off a little, but it is a minor correction.
The stove has a little window, fitted with mica which allows the fire to be seen.
It has top and front loading facilities.
The stove is fitted inside with fire brick which is worn, but original and still usable.
The top loading door has been welded and would benefit from colouring to match the patina of the rest of the stove.
The top of the body needs to be re-sealed as it had been taken of for the welding.
It is advisable to have an expert check a stove before taking into use .
Dimensions: 33 1/2" (850mm) high
14" (355mm) wide
8 1/2" (215mm) diameter of barrel
3 1/4" (83mm) diameter of flue
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